A People’s Liberation History is an initiative to make the historical record more accurate by focusing on the history of marginalized people within the United States. It uses a decolonial lens to examine historical events and to challenge the history that has been disseminated. This curriculum uses a digital platform to increase access to resources and to engage students. It is not only decolonial in content but also in method. The lessons focus on discussion questions to help students reflect on what they have learned, rather than eras and historical figures. The subject matter is organized both chronologically and thematically. Educators are more than welcome to use these lessons as stand alone lessons, but they are designed to build off one another.

The syllabus for each curriculum is intended to be used by educators as a guide. It contains notes on each lesson and some suggested activities. Educators can use any part of the curriculum and syllabus that is relevant for their students. I recommend that educators encourage students to engage with the curriculum by sharing multimedia sources and contributing discussion questions.