Disability Justice and COVID-19

Lesson 1

This lesson explores Disability Justice and how ableism affects the lives of disabled people. Students will apply this to the response to COVID-19 and how the needs of disabled people were disregarded to prioritize others. 



A US immigration history of white supremacy and ableism

Eugenics Isn’t Going to Get Us Out of This Mess

I’m disabled and need a ventilator to live. Am I expendable during this pandemic?

COVID-19 vaccine websites violate disability laws, create inequity for the blind


Discussion Questions:

  1. What is disability justice? What is ableism?
  2. What are some of the challenges that disabled people face? How has COVID made these challenges worse? 
  3. Think about the environment around you. How accessible is it? Are there wheelchair ramps at the entrances/exits? Handicap bathrooms? Elevators? Are all of the spaces you interact with accessible? (Think home, school, public transportation, etc…)
  4. What are some ways that spaces can be more accessible? What can you do to make spaces more accessible?
  5. How are disability justice and ableism intersectional issues?