The Invention of Anti-Blackness

Lesson 1

In this first lesson students will learn about the development of anti-Blackness from slavery to the ways it shows up today. For the second half of the lesson they will be able to explore how anti-Blackness shows up in different aspects of society and how pervasive it is. 


The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes

This is an interactive map that shows the ships crossing the Atlantic to bring enslaved people from Africa to the Americas. You can pause the map and click on any ship to see more information about it. Think about the information that is included, where did those sources come from? 




How Does Anti-Blackness show up in our society?

In class activity: Students will split up into small groups to look at the various ways that anti-Blackness manifests in US society. If you are interested in a topic that is not covered below, you are more than welcome to do your own research into anti-Blackness and bring in your own sources for class. 

Anti-Blackness and Voter Restriction:

Anti-Blackness and Police Brutality:


Anti-Blackness and the Medical Field:

Anti-Blackness and Colorism:

Discussion Questions

  1. Did anything you learned for today surprise you? Why or why not?
  2. Before this class, did you know what anti-Blackness was?
  3. What are some things that you noticed from the animated timeline of the Transatlantic Slave Trade?
  4. Did you realize how many different countries, especially European countries were involved in the slave trade?
  5. How are anti-Blackness and racial capitalism related?
  6. Do you have any experiences with anti-Blackness? How do you see it show up in your life?
  7. How does colorism show up in different parts of society? Do you see it in your own community?